Have you seen our blog?

Written by Miriam, on 11/9/15

I blog at https://clinpsyeye.wordpress.com/ about a mixture of things related to life as a clinical psychologist. Some posts include:

- A note on the two 12 year old girls with “higher IQ than Einstein or Stephen Hawking”

- Bump! About the impact of a minor car accident

- To the parent in the changing rooms this morning

- Siblings, friends and vampire bats: a story of reciprocity

- If the bigger picture is too depressing, look at the little picture

- Getting organised

- Giving psychology away – the positive ripples of training

- Wisdom and reflection

- All change!

- How to prioritise

- Confessions of a workaholic

- Sifting through the hoard

- The battle isn’t won yet: Why feminism still matters and is relevant to everyone

- Between a rock and a hard place – when friendship and your professional role overlap

- The double bind of trying to do research as a clinician

- Dressing for the job: Presentation and the art of neutrality

- High on scare, low on science: a tale of charity, politics and dodgy neuroscience

- How much do you have to prove? A tale of the modern NHS marketplace

- Slow burn: Reflecting on the emotional impact of working with chronic trauma

- A shallow look at fat

Why not take a look, comment, continue the conversation on the forum?