Who is this site for?

Written by Mim, on 29/3/11

www.ClinPsy.org.uk is a site aimed at anyone with an interest in Clinical Psychology. This includes:
- people thinking about doing a psychology degree
- undergraduate psychology students
- psychology graduates looking for relevant work
- those working in 'first step on the ladder' posts like care assistant, support worker, nursing assistant, rehabilitation assistant, and doing bank work
- those working as Assistant Psychologists, Research Assistants, primary mental health worker
- people working as Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners, guided self-help practitioners or Low Intensity Therapists in the Improving Access to Pschological Therapies schemes
- those working as High Intensity Therapists, CBT therapists or qualified Clinical Psychologists in IAPT
- Associate Practitioners in psychology in Scotland
- Trainee Clinical Psychologists currently doing their doctoral training in clinical psychology in the UK
- International psychologists who want to work in the UK or are considering applying for the doctoral training here
- Qualified Clinical Psychologists working in all specialities, in the NHS and in private settings or independent practise (we even have a peer consultation group which is limited to qualified CPs and cannot be seen except by members of this group)
- anyone working in psychological research related to clinical psychology
- members of professions closely allied to clinical psychology who want to be part of a community of psychologists! (this currently includes a few counselling psychologists, educational psychologists and psychotherapists)

Welcome! Hopefully there is content relevant to all career stages, and a chance to connect with peers all over the UK and elsewhere in the world.