Contact a Board Administrator

If you are about to send a message about the fact your forum registration has not yet been approved, please don't.

We clearly indicated when you signed up that we delay this to reduce spammers, and then our volunteers manually check each new sign up before approving it. That takes time when we get up to ten new registrations a day, from all over the world. But we prevent a spammer signing up at least twice a week, so it is worth it!

We aim to approve 95% of applications within 2-7 days, but if our administrators are ill or away it can take longer. So just be patient. Please don't contact us until at least 14 days after you register, unless you are waiting to post an advert we have agreed by email.

You are welcome to contact us about technical glitches, advertising on the forum, suggestions for improvements, offers of help with the site, submitting content to our e-magazine Aspire, or using us to recruit for your research. In fact we generally welcome conversations from members. It is just the constant stream of impatient new registrations that gets a bit draining.


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