Employment/Identity checks

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Employment/Identity checks

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Hi all,

I'm an international applicant and I have just received an offer from a Trust for an AP post. I'm currently in my home nation and I've been asked by the Trust to physically attend an identity check. I've emailed HR to ask for alternatives but they've yet to respond (and instead sent me a reminder, stating that failure to do so may result in an offer being withdrawn). However the interviewer who called me with the offer is aware that I'm not in the UK at the moment.

Just wondering what people's experiences are like with this? Especially in the times of COVID, I'm sure things can be done digitally instead of requiring me to physically be present? I'm getting anxious from all this just because HR has yet to respond to my queries but have sent other emails instead.

Thanks a million in advance!
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Re: Employment/Identity checks

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They are supposed to check physical copies of passports and other documents, rather than just see copies of them, and they are supposed to do checks to evidence right to live and work in the UK - all of these things are legal obligations on employers. Whether they are willing to postpone these until you are in the UK, or to come up with an online alternative, is something only they can decide - as they'd be accountable if they let someone start work without having fulfilled these legal obligations.

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