Prescribing rights for Psychologists

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Prescribing rights for Psychologists

Post by lakeland » Fri Nov 15, 2019 11:24 am

The BPS are doing a consultation on whether psychologists should have prescribing rights. Deadline for comments is Monday. ... ing-rights

I'm not sure where I sit (on the fence currently) but I'll have a read of the documents and see if that sways me. Hopefully others will contribute too.

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Re: Prescribing rights for Psychologists

Post by Spatch » Sun Nov 17, 2019 4:21 pm

The ability to prescribe comes with the very handy ability to not prescribe as well.

For me, as a psychologist who is highly sceptical about the validity of diagnostic models and who has observed rampant over-prescribing mainly out of clinical laziness/lack of investment in staffing, people are surprised that I am pro-prescribing rights for psychologists. The main reason is that with that capacity, I would be in a position to take people off meds or titrate dosages downwards if I felt it would be helpful for that person.

I also think it would help enhance my understanding of psychoactive medication, work more with the "placebo effect" (which is arguably more powerful than the active ingredients in some cases) and have a better basis to challenge the pharmceutic-industrial complex that has been let loose in the sphere of mental health.
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Re: Prescribing rights for Psychologists

Post by miriam » Sun Nov 24, 2019 5:08 pm

I'm anti-prescribing. I think it rebrands our profession in an unhelpful way by associating us with pharmacological solutions to psychological problems, and means that employers can put pressure on psychologists to backfill shortages of medics. Very few employers will want to use that capacity for deprescribing.

I'm also annoyed that the BPS are presenting it as a foregone conclusion and only asking who, when and how we should develop prescribing in the profession, rather than whether we ought to. The logic that we can each choose, and we shouldn't stop those who want to makes no sense to me. Those who really want to ought to be able to go on an entirely unrelated to psychology qualification to become a health professional who prescribes, rather than changing the remit and expectations on the whole profession.

Some good conversations about this happened on twitter - check back through the clinpsy account if you want to read them.

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