Reporting findings for qualitative research article

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Reporting findings for qualitative research article

Post by goldflakepaint » Mon Feb 05, 2018 12:40 am

Just wondering if I could ask a question for those who are experienced in publishing qualitative research. I am currently working on adapting my Msc dissertation (an IPA study on experiences of being diagnosed with bipolar disorder and subsequent effects on sense of self). I am mainly working to distil the dissertation down to the focus required for an article without losing the depth of analysis.

My original dissertation produced two superordinate themes, each with two sub-themes. This may come across as a naive question (it is my first time trying to publish research) but I was wondering whether it is acceptable practice to mainly go into depth on only one of the superordinate themes for the purpose of the research article in order to maintain a tight focus. The other theme does not contradict the main findings of the dissertation but is not as relevant to the tighter focus that I wanted to give to a research article and I also do not think that it contributes anything particularly original to the existing research base. But I recognise that I am potentially stepping into problematic waters here by either having it look like I am cherry picking results or misrepresenting the research that was carried out.

The journal I am submitting to says in its submission criteria: 'the author should consider whether or not the manuscript reflects ideas for two separate papers and then edit the manuscript so the text is more focused before submitting'. At the moment, I do feel that in many ways, I have findings for two different papers and would like to focus on one area first but as I said, I am unsure if this goes against the striving for transparency that good qualitative papers should aim for. I could certainly include the other theme and open out my lit review/discussion but am not sure that this will make for a good quality paper either.


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Re: Reporting findings for qualitative research article

Post by maven » Tue Feb 06, 2018 1:18 am

Sounds fine to me to mention two main themes but focus a paper on one of them

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