Perceptions & Knowledge of Schizophrenia **UK Participants wanted**

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Perceptions & Knowledge of Schizophrenia **UK Participants wanted**

Post by miriam » Sun Jan 12, 2020 4:44 pm

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Where do I start with this?

How can you recruit from a psychology forum for research that is supposed to be about public knowledge of "schizophrenia" - even if you are able to separate out professionals from your question Do you currently work or study in a healthcare role (including nursing, psychology, psychiatry and healthcare support)? that doesn't separate mental from physical health care or ask which profession or what career stage the person is at.

Also, this presupposes that "schizophrenia" is a discrete medical condition, and not just a particular manifestation of distress and trauma, and that there is a discrete group of people who are "schizophrenics" (not "people with schizophrenia", but that their whole identity is defined by this pejorative label for their disorder) which I think is very much disputed, for example in the BPS publications about psychosis and in the Power Threat Meaning Framework. Not only does this rest on a medical model that implies human distress is caused by a chemical imbalance or disease of the brain, it separates the world into people with mental health conditions and those without them, rather than understanding that we are all on a continuum in which at any time one in four people has a clinical level of need, but that most of us move in and out of that category according to how much trauma we've experienced, what social supports we have, and how much stress is on us at a particular moment.

You then ask for true or false answers to issues like whether schizophrenia can be caused by substance misuse or cured. There is a big difference between risk of a particular manifestation being increased by a particular factor and it being a direct cause of the whole condition. And a cure suggests that this pattern of difficulties can be turned on and off like a light-switch, not just understood differently and managed more effectively so the person functions better and feels subjectively less distressed.

Just look at the wording of this question: If treated and medicated, schizophrenics can function fairly normal in society. Ugh. Or Individuals with mental disorders do not need medication; they just need to change their thought processes and behaviours. What a great choice - it's either a disease to be medicated or a lack of mental skills and effort. Don't mind me I'm just off to change my thoughts and behaviours. Simple thing that. I can just choose to do it. And there are no sociopolitical factors that contribute to mental problems. Individuals with mental illnesses are victims of their disease and should be treated with empathy. Victims. Disease. That's why they can merit empathy. And then there is the constant comparison to "normal" individuals.

Then questions about how comfortable you would feel with a schizophrenic. These ask whether I would be willing to accept someone with schizophrenia asa neighbour, a colleague, a friend, a relative, a citizen in my country, a visitor to my country, etc culminating in People with schizophrenia should be excluded from my country altogether as if a) a person is no more than their diagnosis, and constantly actively expressing the diagnosis so it is their defining characteristic at all times, and we have the right to accept or deny any other role they might take or even their citizenship on the basis of this diagnosis.

Most importantly there is no debriefing at the end to show that these awful pejorative statements are presented to explore prejudiced conceptions that some members of the public might hold, and to then provide the actual facts. So a lay person completing the survey will read all these questions and come away with the idea that schizophrenia is an awful all-encompassing disease by which people are defined for life, for which it is legitimate to deny human rights, roles or relationships.

[I have put direct cut-and-paste quotes in bold to separate them from labels/language I have questioned through the use of quotation marks].

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