Research Participants Request- English-Chinese Bilingual Speakers

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Research Participants Request- English-Chinese Bilingual Speakers

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I would be so grateful if any Chinese-English bilingual speakers aged 18 or abovewould please consider completing this survey! And a chance to win £10 & £20 Amazon Vouchers!

My name is Florence Tsang, a DClinpsy student at Newcastle University, currently the supervision of Professor Mark Freeston.

I am currently completing the Large-Scale Research Project (LSRP) as part of the DClinpsy requirements of Newcastle University. My study aims to understand the influence of language and culture on the measurement of intolerance of uncertainty (IU) among Chinese-English bilingual speakers. Looking into this allows us to evaluate whether Western psychological constructs in understanding Mental Health, like anxiety disorders, are suitable for Chinese and may have implications for other races/ethnicities.

I can confirm my study has received ethical approval to recruit participants online in the UK.

I would like to ask if you would be willing to take the time to complete the questionnaire or let me know where it is best to reach out to English-Chinese bilingual communities in the UK. Those who participate will have a chance to win £10 or £20 Amazon vouchers.
Survey link: ... IRqU5aBD0

Thank you in advance for your help! This is greatly appreciated.

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