I still miss my ex!!

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I still miss my ex!!

Post by C0nfused » Sun Aug 02, 2020 7:32 am

Hi! This is going to sound RIDICULOUS, but, I miss my ex even after about three and a half years...I can’t stop dreaming about her and sometimes she’ll creep into my thoughts during the day and I’ll think about how much I miss her. This isn’t just since lockdown either...okay, at the start of lockdown I thought about her every day...but, I would often think about her before that an awful lot too.

Here’s the backstory: she was my first ever long-term partner and then, after a long time (years) of kinda ‘being together but not properly dating’ and being really chilled about it, we dated properly for about 9 months, when I broke up with her!!! I’m just feeling like I did it for the wrong reasons and I really just didn’t know how to handle things back then and just dealt with it all wrong. I think we were really good together, and it’s hard to shake that feeling sometimes. I’ve tried dating since and it just hasn’t been the same! I just wonder if I’ve made a huge mistake?!

After we had broken up, we still saw each other and had some physical contact with one another, which went on for a while.

I know that I’m being stupid and even if she were single right now (she’s not..!) and we both wanted to get back together or whatever, it probably wouldn’t work out and right now I’m probably just in love with the idea of us together, and the real thing just wouldn’t work. And having said that I ended the relationship for the wrong reasons, I realise that I still had my reasons to do it and at the time it just felt like the right thing to me!! I just have no idea how to stop my thoughts, or maybe just lessen the frequency of the dreams? I was just wondering if anyone had any tips?

*i apologise for the quality of my writing in this post-I’ve just woken up early after dreaming about her again-it’s driving me crazy!!*

Thank you!

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Re: I still miss my ex!!

Post by Geishawife » Sun Aug 02, 2020 9:42 am

Without wishing to sound unsympathetic, I'm not sure this is really the best place to be getting the help you feel you need. I think you'd be better off seeking therapy or counselling in a private, more contained space. Maybe talk to your GP about a referral on.

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