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miriam wrote: Tue Jun 08, 2021 5:26 pm I read the whole Harry Potter Series, the Hobbit, Eragon, about five Dianne Wynne Jones books, A Wrinkle in Time and various other big fantasy books to my kids over the last couple of years. And a fellow CP recommended me the Judy Canavan books, so I munched through seven of those in lockdown last year. I've also watched the Expanse, and I'm very much a fan of Firefly and other shows with character depth like Babylon5 (though I also love a bit of teen drama like BTVS and Veronica Mars). I didn't like Game of Thrones though, and Wrinkle didn't capture us either (which was a shame as I bought a box set based on high expectations). I'm a big big fan of Ghibli and the concept of "a hero is an ordinary person who rises to a challenge". I've used that and the metaphor of the stink demon from spirited away when training quite often. I'll have to check out Ori and the Blind Forest.

Video games I'm immersed in by proxy, as I've got lots of connections to the games industry (my husband made red button games for Sky, and my brother founded a games company before going off and teaching AI to play games) and far too much exposure to gamergate - which really exposed the polarisation and culture wars that emerged to a wider audience in Brexit/Trump. But that's another story.
I'll have to add these to my list! Seems that I'm missing out in fantasy books :D I have many psych books but will have to make space for them! I also will see if Ori is on the switch. I couldn't really get into GoT either.. there was so many characters to keep track of and quite a few I didn't care for :3 I'm not opposed to violence but there was a lot of that and less genuine connections between people, which I really value in stories. But I suppose the theme is more... flimsy or false alliances, machinations, impending war and killing likable characters :cry: I wanted to just continue for dragon content but it isn't worth all those hoursss..

I cannot say I know much about Gamergate... but it reminded me about the toxic sexism present in the gaming world that I thankfully don't experience as often these days. The most recent example I could think of is the opposition of female protagonists in Assassin's Creed :shock: I'm playing AC: Odyssey currently which I'm honestly loving. It's a shame people were being so openly sexist on livestreams promoting the game.
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