The odds of getting an Assistant Psychologist job

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The odds of getting an Assistant Psychologist job

Post by miriam » Fri Jul 16, 2010 9:37 am

Typically Assistant Psychologist posts get high levels of applications. Only a few applicants can be interviewed, which means that a lot of applicants will be unsuccessful. For reference, here are the numbers of applicants and amount of people interviewed for some recent AP posts:

1) advertised for a week, 215 applicants, 6 people offered interviews
2) advertised for 24 hours, 152 applicants, 6 people offered interviews
3) honorary post, advertised for a week on NHS jobs, 68 applicants, 4 interviewed
4) advertised for 24 hours, 150 applicants, 5 people offered interviews
5) advertised 48 hours, 257 applicants, 6 offered interviews

Perhaps this might put into perspective the need to write short pithy applications that are specifically tailored to that particular job and meticulously checked - the person short-listing will be reading hundreds of similar applications and needs to see that you want that particular job and meet the criteria specified in a very short period of time (normally no more than 5 minutes).

One of the things that probably can't be stated enough is that an Assistant Psychologist role is one fantastic way to gain experience which is helpful to future applications, but by no means is it the sole means of gaining good and appropriate experience. A very rough straw poll of university cohorts finds a high level of variability in the proportion of cohorts with experience of being an AP - these varied from a cohort in a London based university with around 90% AP experience in one year group, to a North East university cohort with 50% trainees with AP experience - this survery was not exhaustive, and these proportions may vary even more widely. Hopefully this information will help potential applicants to take heart when those AP posts feel elusive.

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