What are reserve lists?

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What are reserve lists?

Post by miriam » Sun Apr 15, 2007 6:43 pm

Say a course gets 250 applicants and has 20 places. They might want to interview 60 people, but 120 people might be good enough to interview. So, they would sort them into order of preference, and then offer the first 60 people interviews, and let the next 20 know that they might be called for interview if enough of the first 60 don't take their place - these are the reserve places for interview.

Then of the 60 people they interview, they might decide that 40 would be suitable for training, but only be able to make an offer to the top 20. So they would let the rest know they were on the reserve list for places, and they might be offered a place if others higher up the list don't take their place (perhaps because they are offered a place on another course). Being given a reserve place also suggests that the course considers you good enough to train, even if they don't have enough funded places...

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