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Statement of Equivalence

Post by Spatch » Mon Mar 26, 2007 11:02 pm

The Statement of Equivalence was an alternative route to becoming a Chartered Clinical Psychologist in the UK for those who obtained their professional qualifications overseas. It is no longer in operation since the HCPC took over statutory regulation of applied psychologists.

Those people who have qualified abroad and want to work in the UK as a clinical psychologist may find this wiki helpful.

Spatch's previous guide to the SoE programme can be found below:

Introduction (Taken from the UCL guide to SOE)

To become eligible to register and practise as a Chartered Clinical Psychologist in the UK, a practitioner must have completed an appropriate programme of study and supervised clinical practice approved by the British Psychological Society (BPS).

There is, however, an alternative route to becoming a Chartered Clinical Psychologist for those who obtained their professional qualifications overseas. This is to apply to the BPS for a Statement of Equivalence (SoE). An award of SoE indicates that the BPS considers that the Psychologist's professional training is equivalent to that undergone by Clinical Psychologists trained in the UK.

Clinical Psychology training in the UK involves exposure to different client groups, individual and multidisciplinary working and research and teaching. Whilst overseas applicants for the SoE are often highly qualified and skilled, their training sometimes does not cover the wide range of experience provided by a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology Course in the UK. Therefore, the BPS often requires that applicants undergo further training. This may involve one or more supervised clinical placements and accompanying academic work including essays and case reports and, for some applicants, research. After completing these training requirements, between 30 and 50 candidates per year gain a SoE from the BPS.

Currently UCL, Salomons and Surrey offer SOE programs. The programs are very thorough, although some have mentioned isolation and disorganisation that is due to working alone without a cohort of fellow trainees.

The first step to checking ones requirements would be to contact the BPS who will examine your existing qualifications and credentials and decide what is needed to attain equivalence.

See the BPS website for more information.

The process of gaining equivalence is being looked at again in light of the move to HPC regulation and new rules about travel within the EU.

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