Apologies for delay in activating new registrations

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Apologies for delay in activating new registrations

Post by miriam »

We had a set of spam registrations in May, and combined with having a reduced moderator team and the impact of coronavirus lockdown we have been slower than usual to activate new memberships as we have to check the IP address of each against a spam database, and with ten new registrations a day that can easily end up being a lot of work! But I've activated everyone in the queue today. Apologies if any spammers get through, I decided with 300 applications to check I'd accept those based in the UK (where the spam ratio is very low) and then manually check all the international ones (where one in five registrations is a spammer, even though we've blocked the locations in which we have had no genuine registrations and only spammers).

Don't forget to report any posts that look like spam - every post has a small button marked with an exclamation mark at the top right hand corner to let you do this.

Welcome to the forum, new folk! Sorry to keep you waiting.

See my blog at http://clinpsyeye.wordpress.com
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