Vignettes: Case Studies and Research at Interview

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Re: Vignettes: Case Studies and Research at Interview

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Seems like a reasonable response to me :)

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Re: Vignettes: Case Studies and Research at Interview

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I'm currently preparing for interviews so thought i would have a go at answering vignette 3:

Hypothesis= Those who are employed will have higher self-esteem and self-efficacy and lower psychiatric symptoms
IV= Whether person is employed or unemployed
DV= Self-esteem, Self-efficacy and Psychiatric symptoms

I would recruit a sample of participants via opportunistic sampling- online advertising and leaflets in GP offices for example. Asking for participants who are employed or unemployed to complete online questionnaires to investigate the impact of employment on wellbeing.

I would use a valid and reliable self-esteem scale, self-efficacy scale and scale that asks about psychiatric symptoms.

Once complete, I would compare the self-esteem, self-efficacy and psychiatric symptoms scores of the employed participants with the unemployed participants to assess whether there is a significant difference in scores between the two groups. I could use a MANOVA to compare these means.

I could also use a regression equation to assess whether there is a correlation between higher self-esteem and self-efficacy scores with lower psychiatric symptomatology.

Does this sound ok? I would appreciate any feedback as I'm not so confident with research vignettes! Thank you :)
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