Question: Are PWP roles dying to CAP, AP and MHWP?

This section is for discussion relating to the Layard report, and subsequent schemes like Improving Access to Psychological Therapies where lower intensity inteventions are offered in primary care
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Question: Are PWP roles dying to CAP, AP and MHWP?

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Now there are arguably better roles to choose from im noticing the demand/application for pwp has suffered…

There seems to be more demand for cap, ap and mental health and well-being practitioner roles over pwp and im really not surprised. I assume people have heard the horror stories of iapt and opted for these ‘better’ roles. Have health england shot themselves in the foot? Pwp retention is already awful…. And now people are fighting for these new roles which offer supervision under a CP.

I wonder how this is going to affect iapt long term… I do think London services are safe but the application in Essex area I’ve been told is the worst it’s ever been?
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Re: Question: Are PWP roles dying to CAP, AP and MHWP?

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I'm guessing you are really young? AP posts long predate IAPT existing, and the pattern I see (as someone shortlisting and supervising AP posts for the last 25 years) is that more people are turning to IAPT and alternative pathways as the government invest in lower cost alternatives to fully qualified staff across the health sector. I've not seen attrition from PWP posts, but then I view the whole tier of short-term manualised psychological therapies delivered by teams of psych grads as one category of employment, so I probably haven't seen trends within this category.

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Re: Question: Are PWP roles dying to CAP, AP and MHWP?

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I do the recruitment for my iapt/nhs talking therapies service and there has been no dwindling in applications, for any of our recruitment - it’s been just as competitive every year since I took over a few years back. We still have to close the advert early due to overwhelming number of applicants.
This years round of recruitment has seen our highest scores achieved and the best quality of candidates in a very long time.
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