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post UG career advice

Post by rainbow96 » Wed Feb 06, 2019 12:14 pm


I'm due to finish my UG Psychology degree this year (June 2019) and so am looking into what to do once it ends. My degree consisted of a placement year during my 3rd year at university, in which I gained experience in clinical and research settings with a wide range of client groups, confirming my wish my pursue a job as an assistant psychologist/within mental health services after my degree. I've also volunteered throughout my degree for Primary Mental health Support Services, as a be-friender on a Neuropsychiatry Ward, and as a student mentor to young people with ASD, and to looked after children/care leavers.

My original "plan" was to try my best to get an assistant psychologist job/honorary assistant psychologist job, or any job related to mental health that would take me really! I was wondering if I could have honest advice about whether it would even be feasible for me to apply for paid assistant psychologist jobs, following my degree with my experience so far, or not? I also have a question about honorary assistant roles. Do honorary assistant roles usually lead to paid employment, and if so how long should I expect to work on a honorary basis before getting paid employment, as if i was to do this I wouldn't be able to do this long-term, financially.

Also, I am seeking advice about whether to do a masters or not. This is not something I had considered previously (unless I was to get lower than my predicted grades in my UG degree), due to the financial cost of masters. But, I'm now potentially considering applying for a masters that is fully-funded by the Welsh Government, and supervised by a clinical/forensic psychologist.

Any advice on which path may bring me closer to getting an assistant psychologist job/applying for the clinical doctorate in a few years would be great!


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Re: post UG career advice

Post by Beggarsroost » Wed Feb 06, 2019 1:18 pm

There is no harm in applying for paid assistant posts. You have relevant voluntary experience but it is very very competitive and so you may not get too far just yet until you get some paid experience under your belt. With regards to honorary posts; if you feel you can manage to work unpaid and the position seems worth it (in terms of opportunities and potential to progress) then again they can be helpful positions. However, working honorary posts or even as an assistant is not essential in order to pursue a career in CP. Have a look at a variety of roles such as activity coordinator, support worker or anything where you're coming into contact with mh populations.

As far as a masters goes, I would say only do it if you think you would enjoy it and get something out of it other than "it looks good on the CV/application form". Having it funded is a big bonus though but you also have consider how you might fund living expenses/ work alongside your study.

This website has loads of information on it that's relevant to your questions so have a look around!
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