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Research assistant

Post by Hazjr » Wed Nov 30, 2011 11:55 pm

Sorry if this is a repetitive question or a simple question to answer but I really want to get my head around it.
Well.. I've noticed that a few people got experience as a research assistant whilst doing their undergraduate course in psychology.. Now I was wondering whether people could shed some light on this.. I.E. Hows the right way of going to look for this post? Do I need any previous experience prior to this? How's the best way of looking for RA posts? Any advice would be appreciated :)
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Re: Research assistant

Post by ell » Thu Dec 01, 2011 12:45 am

When people work/volunteer as RAs while at uni, it's usually because they have approached the staff of the department asking if there is any work to be done. I think staff are usually grateful for any offers of free help from undergrads, especially with the boring parts of their research, but I think it is much harder to get any paid work out of it. Bottom line is you need to start contacting staff and asking around the department to see what the opportunities are. Occasionally there are funded summer RA jobs (I had a paid undergrad working for me/my supervisor over the summer on my MSc project), but again, these are hard to get. Nothing ventured, nothing gained though!

Just a quick note, that you'll see people mentioning all over the forum... It's very important to get the best mark possible on your undergrad degree if you are planning on applying for clinical training, so be careful not to overload yourself with work experience to the detriment of your studies. You can always gain experience later, but you can't fix a poor degree result.

Good luck!


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