Where to go from here?

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Where to go from here?

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I am new here and signed up in hopes of getting some advice from other forum posters.

I should be graduating next year with a minimum of a 2:1 (aiming toward a 1st) in a digital media degree. However, I'm considering a career change to psychology. I have developed a serious interest in the field, in particular trauma and dissociative disorders in children and adolescents.

My first question is: if I want to work with such patients, which is the more likely route to take: clinical or counselling psychology? Clinical is the more obvious answer but I have read that some counselling psychologists may also work with dissociative patients. So I'm not exactly sure.

I understand I will have to take a conversion course (I'm looking to apply next year hopefully) first. But what comes after that? Before I even consider applying to a training programme, should I go for an MSc in something like abnormal psychology for example or try to gain some work experience instead? So it'll be something like this:

Conversion course => Masters => Work experience => Clinical training

Any help is appreciated. And sorry if a similar topic was already created before.

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Re: Where to go from here?

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Hi angelene, welcome to the forum.

Afraid I can't be much help re your first question, as I don't know much about that client group particularly, or whether counselling psychs would be likely to work in that area (I'm sure others will know more!). If you haven't seen it already, this wiki might help clarify some of the differences between the clinical/counselling roles and training routes:

Conversion courses can be masters themselves (or PGDip that can be topped up). So my thoughts would be that, as long as your conversion course includes a research project/dissertation to demonstrate your research skills, and you get a good mark, it would be better to then focus on clinical experience than doing another postgrad course. Many people get a place on training without a masters, but everyone needs some clinical experience! It can be a long journey, so the earlier you start to get experience the better, e.g. doing some part-time support work/voluntary work alongside the conversion course. This thread gives you an idea of how much and what types of experience people tend to have before applying for training, including a few posts from people with non-psych first degrees: viewtopic.php?f=32&t=145

Good luck :)
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