MSc Health Psychology or looking for a job? ESOL

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MSc Health Psychology or looking for a job? ESOL

Post by Aanneett » Wed May 04, 2016 10:22 am

Hi, everyone!

I am looking for some advice, as I am not sure what to do next. I want to become a Clinical Psychologist one day, but I don’t know if I am going in a right direction. I don’t have a 'plan b’ but after reading this forum, and discovering how competitive this course is, I should probably come up with one.
My previous experience:

1 year volunteering as research assistant at UNI
6 months volunteering for Victim Support
1 year volunteering for Citizen Bureau
1 year volunteering as a mentor for children diagnosed with depression

Project Leader: bilingual writing club
Preparing sessions and communicate the plan to people in the team. Ensuring that club runs smoothly by leading the writing sessions and providing feedback. Working on motivating and encouraging pupils, oversee work of volunteering students, and watching group dynamics. Plus research part of it. I also presented this at two international conferences. We are working on publishing two articles.

For this summer, I secured a job as a Senior Mentor, and straight after that I am leaving to Sri Lanka for the 8 weeks Mental Health Placement. I will be working at a psychiatric facility and a rehabilitation centre. I will be working with adults, children and people with special needs.

I also applied for a scheme at my University: I will be employed as a researcher during summer, and I will be working on publishing my dissertation. I presented it at the BPS conference, and I am attending another two this summer.

Basically, I am graduating this year (Psychology, Counselling, and Therapies), and if I get a First (depends on my last exam) then University will give me the scholarship to cover MSc in Health Psychology. However, I am not sure if I should do it, or should I look for a job instead? If I don’t get a first, the situation becomes even more complicated, as I will have to pay for it myself if I decide to do it. I don’t think I would be able to get a PA job with the experiences I have at the moment.

Another problem that I am facing: English is my second language. I can speak well, however, my accent is strong. Do you think this could be a problem, especially when I attend (hopefully) interviews in the future? I passed all the exams they require, but I am unsure if I should contact someone who can help me with managing the way I speak. I spoke with one psychologist at the BPS conference, and he told me he changed his surname because it sounded 'not English enough'.

Oh, and I am 22.
Thank you! :)

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Re: MSc Health Psychology or looking for a job? ESOL

Post by maven » Wed May 04, 2016 8:03 pm

Sounds like you are doing loads - possibly too much at once! Why not just take your time and enjoy the journey, as we always say on here? Your accent shouldn't be an issue, and if you have the right to live and work here, and to gain the funded places on the clinical training, and you can speak fluent English and pick up on the subtleties of communication, then your country of origin or mother tongue shouldn't be important.

BTW I'm increasingly sceptical about the "volunteer placements" in sri lanka with SLVolunteers (aka SLV). As well as being very keen to take a large deposit as quickly as possible, they seem to be placements set up by a profit-making company, who are registered as a "tour operator" despite implying they are non-profit and run by psychology graduates, and mostly using volunteer staffing. I hope you feel you get your money's worth, but personally I'd think there are plenty of ways to volunteer your time and gain experience that don't fund the profit of a middle-man, especially one that appears to want to mislead people about the nature of the company (and that recurrently attempts to circumvent paying the fees to advertise on our forum).

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Re: MSc Health Psychology or looking for a job? ESOL

Post by Aanneett » Wed May 04, 2016 8:40 pm

Hi Maven, thank you for your reply.
It's nice to hear that someone thinks I am doing a lot. I enjoy being busy, and try not to say 'no' to new opportunities.

I am scared that after graduation I will stay with nothing, that is why I am considering doing MSc course.

For me, this placment is not only about volunteering but also about traveling and having time for myself. During the degree I was volunteering and working full time (whole three years), therefore I need some time out :)

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