What to do after graduating undergrad??

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What to do after graduating undergrad??

Post by lism » Wed Sep 06, 2017 8:42 pm

Hello All,

I am going into final year of my psych undergrad, so it's time to really consider what path(s) I'm going to take. I'm on track for a 2:1 and had to repeat part of my second year due to exceptional circumstances (helping my then 12 year old transition from female to male).
I'm a very mature student at 33 and spent life before uni completing an access to HE diploma, working full time and raising my 3 children.
I have 10+ years experience in varied healthcare fields. The most current (throughout my degree) being in children's services as a residential support worker, an accommodation support worker in a homeless charity, supported living in autism/mental health. My pre-uni experience was mostly care of the elderly and day centre support for service users with physical and learning disabilities.
While I have not used my degree psych knowledge per say in my employment, I can see where I have used it unintentionally or when it has been a way of working but not expressed as a psychological way of working if that makes sense.
So I'm at a point where I'm worried that if I apply to a doctorate course next year, or even try my luck this year do I have enough relevant experience to reflect on given that the only clinical psychology contact I've had in a post is through letters regarding a service users treatment and further actions/progress.
Also although I'm loathed to admit it my age is really concerning me, in regards to future earning prospects. I'm not sure if I should try and get a coveted AP post or do postgrad study in social work/applied psychology in case I never get accepted? I need to have a relevant plan B.
Sorry for the long winded post I suppose I'm just worried that going down this clinical psychology rabbit hole will result in endless disappointment and like everyone else here I'm 'desperate' to get on.
Thanks in advance and for taking the time to read my post :)
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Re: What to do after graduating undergrad??

Post by han10 » Thu Sep 07, 2017 7:51 am

Different courses have different requirements for clinical experience - clearing house is a great resource for finding out this in terms of minimum requirements. For example some require a minimum equivalent of 1 year full time paid relevant experience.

The key as you have picked up on is translating your experiences into reflections of how your experiences have made you a better candidate for clinical doctorate training. There is no perfect job - look at the 'what experience I had before I got onto training' thread for a flavour of the different routes people take.

There are also course who look a lot less at the 'form' and do selection tests - it really is variable so look at clearing house to get an idea as to how you might compare to the universities you would think of applying to.

That said - all of the above is working towards the premise that you want to apply to the clinical psychology doctorate and I'm sensing some uncertainty about that. A psychology undergrad can offer lots of different options and its finding jobs (most of us don't stay in any one job for life any more - and you've already been testament to this!) that suit our interests and life situations at the time. Even if you do apply for the doctorate this year or next, finding a way to 'enjoy the ride' can be important - rather than seeing it as a means to an end.

Ps 33 is NOT old for clinical doctorate courses (there are some threads about age of starting training on the forum too that might be of interest to you) but I might be misreading what you mean here regarding age and earning potential.

I'm not sure if I've helped answer any questions you are having, but perhaps others will read you post and pick up on other points too.

best wishes,

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Re: What to do after graduating undergrad??

Post by workingmama » Mon Sep 11, 2017 4:18 pm

33 very much not too old, try to not let that aspect concern you. Many forum users older than that when training. Very best of luck x
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