Trainee Forensic Psychologist

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Trainee Forensic Psychologist

Post by natalie427 » Wed Mar 04, 2020 7:15 pm

Hi all,

I currently work within a childrens home delivering therapeutic programmes around trauma, sexual self-endangerment and sexualised behaviours. I LOVE my job there is not much I don’t like about it. My team is great, I have flexibility with the therapy I provide, the children are great etc. The company is currently attempting to set up the opportunity to complete the stage 2 which will be funded - great opportunity.

However, I noticed a job advert for a trainee forensic psychologist with MOJ. I applied as there was a significant pay increase and the trainee aspect was appealing . But please note I stumbled across this and was not actively searching.

Anyway, I rush my application, got an interview / roleplay etc. Since the Assessment Center I have been given a provisional job offer. Weirdly however, I am still none the wiser on where this job would be based, who the client would be and details around wage , annual leave etc.

I’m now in a rock and a hard place, especially as my current company are looking at trying to match the job offer (when it comes through) financially.

My question is:
What are you thoughts around the situation?
Are the trainee forensic psychologist roles thought highly of? What are the pros and cons to this role?

Any advice would be helpful - I have researched the role online but read very little so even not fully sure of what the role involves

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Re: Trainee Forensic Psychologist

Post by maven » Wed Mar 04, 2020 10:57 pm

What stage 2 are your current employers funding? What is your career goal? Do you want to work in prisons? Is there a tie-in period with the potential sponsor of the trainee place? Will your current employers fund the birmingham doctorate?

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Re: Trainee Forensic Psychologist

Post by Iggy1 » Thu Mar 05, 2020 12:24 pm

Well done on passing the assessment centre, it's hard going! The MOJ have started recruiting nationally for trainee posts region by region (i.e. you're based in a prison in your region but will also be required to travel to other establishments in that area) so where your based might depend on where the vacancies are- if you're worried maybe you could enquire as to where they're planning on placing you? Salary and annual leave entitlements are usually listed on the original advert. Good luck whatever you decide!

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