Following graduation: apply to every job or be selective?

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Following graduation: apply to every job or be selective?

Post by robininthewind » Mon Jul 06, 2020 8:21 pm

Hi all,

I'm one year away from graduating with a Bsc (Hons) Psychology, with placement blah blah.

I've spent some time thinking about post-graduation plans (ultimate goal DClinPsy) and it has gotten me weighing up a lot of different options, and I have found myself doing a lot of cost-benefit comparisons between different options. For instance:

PWP vs AP roles
Only job search in London (my home town) vs be willing to move about
Further qualifications (i.e., Masters) vs paid-experience

I find that what I am essentially doing at the moment is creating Plan A, Plan B, Plan C etc.
Plan A may be a AP job, Plan B may be PWP work, Plan C may be a Masters.

However, from my time spent on this forum and other sites, I have gotten the impression that in the abstract/in general, there are no clear advantages to which path to take. And personally, I am not heavily swayed into one plan versus another (though I might rule out a Masters for a few years).

So considering this, and also the fact that these paths are all competitive, does it make much sense for me to have a Plan A, Plan B, Plan C etc? Would it make more sense just to apply to everything once I graduate (PWP roles, AP roles, RA roles, maybe some non-specified mental health roles), and see what I hit, and just take it from there?

I'm sorry if these reflections of mine seem blindingly obvious. I think in the past few days I have been thinking about the future a lot and have been trying to plan to death a lot of areas in my life that might be upturned in the future, career path included.

Thanks for reading :)

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Re: Following graduation: apply to every job or be selective?

Post by Iggy1 » Tue Jul 07, 2020 10:04 am


My advice would be don't over think it at the moment (I know this is hard- I think the pandemic has got a lot of people chomping at the bit for progress in lots of areas of their lives that just isn't possible at the moment).

If I were you I'd concentrate on your last year, third year modules are often more focussed and might help you see where your interests lie. Get some experience alongside study (only if manageable - for example bank work is flexible so you wouldn't have to commit and could pick up hours as and when you felt you had the time).

Reflect on what you're learning as you go along- maybe start to record this to help you when you come to write applications. Use this forum to help you cast your net wide once you're near graduation and are starting to look for jobs.

There's lots of posts on this site about gaining a masters- the jist of it is a merit/distinction at masters level will only add to your DClin application if you're undergrad grade is not great.

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