Route to Counselling Psychology

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Route to Counselling Psychology

Post by Meld1996 » Thu Jan 07, 2021 2:05 pm

Hi Everyone,
I am fairly new to this site, I am sorry if this has been touched upon but I struggled to find such a thread.
I completed my BSC Psychology undergrad degree and did some helpline volunteering with the uni. Once graduated, I spent a year as a support worker in a learning disabilities residential home. Now I am completing Mental Health Studies Msc at the University of Birmingham,

I've realised that I want to go into Counselling Psychology as I enjoy working with people, and would love to work with them on a therapeutic basis. I've considered working as a PWP to gain experience for doctorate entry, but also keep my options open due to DClinPsy being funded. I must admit, my draw to DCounsPsych is partly because I have heard that it is less competitive!
I've seen some courses such as the Counselling & Psychotherapy MSc at Keele University that offer counselling skills and placement opportunities- I am considering this also to boost my chances. I really want to kickstart the path of a psychologist career.

Does anyone have some advice on what my next steps should be?

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Re: Route to Counselling Psychology

Post by maven » Thu Jan 07, 2021 11:59 pm

Welcome Meld. You don't need another MSc, you need relevant paid experience, IAPT is one option But yes, clinical psychology is highly competitive and you don't mention your degree or MSc marks, which will be an important factor in your likelihood of progressing. I'd suggest you read the wiki and a lot of the existing discussion on the forum to learn about gaining relevant experience and the differences between the clinical and counselling psychology paths. But please watch your pejorative language. You worked with PEOPLE with learning disabilities in a residential home.

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