Has anyone got onto a PG Dip CBT course via IAPT?

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Has anyone got onto a PG Dip CBT course via IAPT?

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Hi everyone,

I am trying to plan my future and am getting very confused to say the least!

Has anyone been able to get a place on a PG Dip CBT course in order to become a fully qualified licensed CBT therapist via IAPT training alone e.g- trainee pwp, qualified pwp, High Intensity pwp etc?

I do not have a 'core profession' rather just BSc, MSc in psychology and research experience but looking into CBT as a career as I want a more client facing role where I can use my interpersonal skills.

Any advice or experiences of other's journeys to become a fully trained BABCP accredited Cognitive Behavioral Therapist would much appreciated! :D
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Re: Has anyone got onto a PG Dip CBT course via IAPT?

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Yes, I've known of some people who have gone from PWP to trainee HI that included paid PGDip in CBT and then worked as a HI.
There is a process called "KSA" to demonstrate equivalency to a core profession from a minimum of 2 years as a qualified PWP - search this forum for that term and look at the BABCP website.

Generally, you would need at least one year as a trainee PWP and then two years a qualified PWP to be eligible for HI trainee posts, but it can take longer and there is no guarantee of these roles.
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