Would my current experiences be of value ?

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Would my current experiences be of value ?

Post by ryan95 » Tue Jul 30, 2019 9:39 am

I am worried and feeling a little downtrodden as to all the negative postings about people trying for 10+ years to get onto the doctorate. This is kind of soul destroying as I am nearing 30 and just decided I want to purse this as a career.

My background is very different from other applicants

BA fine Art: 1st class with honours
PGCE HE Education: Pass
MA Counselling and Psychotherapy: Merit (three years)
Rasa 6month course on CBT interventions: Pass
MSc Psychology conversion: (Currently thinking about)

10+ years working in mental health services in a community and private capacity both with elderly and child services.
Counselling experience working with traumatised children using creative therapies and CBT
Voluntary experience counselling adults and adolsecents with acquired brain injuries.
Voluntary experience mentoring individuals out on probation, substance abuse and domestic violence referrals were the main body of work.
Voluntary work based around working in a listening ear capacity for people in Neuro rehab services within NHS.
Presently working in a research and admin capacity for Mencap and Headway.

BACP member

I am thinking of applying for a Msc conversion in psychology starting in September to be able to gain AP posts and the like in order to apply for the doctorate in the future but unsure if my current experience is enough.

I am also a little worried of the academic challenges of the MSc I am applying to Chester university if this helps.

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Re: Would my current experiences be of value ?

Post by PinkFreud19 » Tue Jul 30, 2019 9:58 am

Your experience and credentials are good. People get onto the doctorate with less experience than you.

I'm not sure entirely what proportion are never successful on the doctorate, but what we do know is that generally those who get on are able to do so in fewer than four to five attempts. That means that those who make 10+ attempts are certainly outliers and far from the norm. Just based on the statistics, those people that apply ten+ times may need to start to ask whether they are suited for the role, as most people get on more easily than that. So the "worst case scenario" will not even be close to ten years, because you'll either get on way before that or decide by then that there may be better suited professions.

Remember, many are successful in the process and you've already got relevant experience, so you've already skipped those 'initial steps' that can take the longest. I would recommend really focusing on achieving a first on your conversion, then applying to the doctorate while also looking for paid NHS AP posts, which is the only thing that I think could enhance your CV.

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Re: Would my current experiences be of value ?

Post by miriam » Tue Jul 30, 2019 7:38 pm

Indeed. The 10+ years thing is myth. Strong candidates take 1-3 years to get onto training. Taking more than 5 years is rare, and you already have loads of relevant experience.

What you need is GBC (which you'll get from a conversion) and to think like a CP and understand what the role involves (which might be something you already have, or involve some experience with a CP) but no reason you couldn't apply once you have completed your conversion, or after one year of experience directly with a CP. But it really depends on how you reflect on your experience and communicate that in your application.

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