What experience did you have when you got on training?

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Re: What experience did you have when you got on training?

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I'll also be 30 when I start training.

2019: 1 interview and reserve list for place
2020: No interviews
2021: Three interviews, two reserve list for places and one offer.

A levels I got 3 Bs a C and a D
My undergraduate was Psychology (major) with History (graduating in 2012) - I got a very low 2:1 (pretty much a 2:2 - my uni's policy at the time was that if you'd needed extenuating circumstances at any point during your course they would review your overall classification, take into account tutors comments and try and reflect that in your final degree award).
MSC War and Psychiatry - Distinction

While at uni I volunteered with Headway (a brain injury charity) and also was the Deputy President of the Sports Union.
Immediately after I graduated I was one of the student union officers (for sports).
I then worked as an Assistant Support Worker and later a Support Worker for a supported housing charity.
I moved on to work for a local Mind as a local group coordinator.
I worked as a Research Assistant at a University for a year.
Took a year out to go travelling.
Worked in an NHS research team while also working as a HCA on the weekends, and working over my hours in my regular job to be an honorary AP for half a day a week, I also volunteered for Samaritans at the same time (I 100% do not recommend doing all of this all at the same time no exaggeration it nearly finished me off!)
I reduced my hours in the research team and worked part time there and part time as an assistant psychologist for an NHS Autism Assessment Service.
Moved on to my current post as an Assistant Psychologist in NHS Low Secure Forensic Services.

Advice I wish I'd taken up/gotten sooner
Don't spend time trying to be the practitioner/employee you think the service/courses want you to be. Spend time figuring out what you're interested in, what your passions are and the type of clinician you want to be and let that shine through in your form and interviews.

Also learn to actually get on board with self care and don't take three jobs on in the space of 3 months - you will be stressed and you will get very ill!
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Re: What experience did you have when you got on training?

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I got on first time and will be turning 27 by the time I start. I applied when I felt more ready, which was 4 years after graduating.

A level: ABB
BSc: 2:1 (graduated in 2017)
MSc: distinction (graduated in 2018)

2015-2016 - research assistant during my placement year (30 hours per week).
2017-2018 - Support worker for 14 hours per week whilst completing my MSc.
2018-2019 - I worked as an honorary AP in the NHS for 14 hours per week, alongside working in a different support worker role for 30 hours per week.
2019-2020 - I worked full time as a research assistant in the NHS.
2020- now - currently training to be a PWP (full time role).

I had one interview and was offered a place. Still can’t believe it at all, but it does only take one!
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