Courses that value clinical experience more than academics

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Courses that value clinical experience more than academics

Post by FLCx » Mon Jul 31, 2017 7:23 pm

Hi, I am hoping that you guys could share your views on the clinical doctorate course and which ones value clinical experience over an amazing academic record and vice versa? I have a high 2:1 but no further academic qualifications but have lots of really good clinical experience - I have two AP posts under my belt and about to start a new one in September. I know I probably wouldn't cross the threshold in terms of academic scores for courses like Bath which seem to be taking trainees with very little clinical experience! I'm really not keen on having to pay to do a masters to increase the "points" I score so really want to aim for courses that value good clinical experience. Any advice or thoughts would be really appreciated. Thanks.

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Re: Courses that value clinical experience more than academi

Post by Shmit » Wed Aug 02, 2017 2:24 pm

If you look at the BPS 'alternative handbook' for clinical training (just google it), it may be helpful to look through each of the courses and trainees backgrounds. It may also be worth looking at the leeds clearing house website and the different requirements for each course. With that in mind, its helpful to know about the ethos of courses and which you may 'fit' in with more.

My background was more clinical than research experience (with no masters and a high 2:1), so I applied for more courses with pre-selection exams. It isn't a guaranteed 'easy' route (that doesn't exist), but I found it helped with my background, and in turn being offered a place this September :)

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Re: Courses that value clinical experience more than academi

Post by astra » Sun Aug 06, 2017 5:02 pm

Last I knew a high 2:1 was sufficient academically to get on training anywhere really. With a good amount of clinical experience and ability to reflect well on it, I would not imagine you'd need to boost your academic credentials further. I might be a little out of touch but that was my understanding. Look around at different courses, and the alternative handbook to get an idea of which courses will suit your experience and ethos.
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