Questions about occupation section options

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Questions about occupation section options

Post by laura96 » Tue Oct 09, 2018 10:35 pm

Very excited to finally be a part of this forum – I've been reading the posts for ages! I'm working on my first application this year and I'm not sure how to classify some of my experience. I know this is relatively minor but any advice would be great. (In case anyone needs it, the options are: NHS, Education, Social Services, Private Sector, Charitable Sector, Other).

1) I have done voluntary work for a research clinic with links to the NHS (CAMHS), but it is also linked to a charity and based at my university. Which sector would be best for this in the occupation section?

2) I have also done some work for a couple of individuals but the experience is still relevant – which sector should this be and is it alright to put 'Individual (Job Title)' in the 'Employer' box?

3) If anyone else has done UROP – did you put this in the 'Education' sector in occupation experience as it was based at and funded by university or did you select a different option?


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