Surrey selection test

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Surrey selection test

Post by JB99 » Tue Feb 12, 2019 11:26 am

Dear all,

This is my first year attempting the Surrey selection test, and was wondering whether anyone would be happy to share some preparation tips?

Specifically, I was wondering what reading people would recommend for the situational judgment? Aside from reading the BPS code of conduct for CP, I'm not sure what resources would be useful for this. However, I'm aware that this element is more about drawing from your own clinical experience and choosing what you would do, rather than putting down what you think would be the right answer (although clearly right and wrong does apply!).

I was also wondering if anyone has any advice as to where to find good journal articles to practice writing abstracts for? There is an ocean of literature out there, and I'm not sure where to even start looking.

Many thanks!

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