2020 Clinical Doctorate Application Progress Thread

Discuss applications to the clearing house (and to courses that are not in the clearing house system), screening assessments, interviews, reserve lists, places, etc. here
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2020 Clinical Doctorate Application Progress Thread

Post by miriam »

Following the usual tradition this is your space to record your progress and successes for 2020!

This is the single thread in which you can post about hearing from courses, interview dates and your progress in the application process. Please do not post elsewhere on the forum, as we don't want to flood the rest of the content or make it impossible for users who are not part of this process to see when other topics are updated.

How to use this thread

Please post the names of the courses you have applied to, indicating whether you are self-funding, and using the colour code below to indicate your stage and outcomes.

BLACK for courses you haven't heard from yet (this includes courses where you have been invited for an assessment task as these tasks for part of the shortlisting process before any decisions are taken about whether or not to invite you for interview
RED for no interview
ORANGE for reserve list interview
GREEN for interview
BROWN for an unsuccessful outcome after interview
CYAN for reserve list place
BLUE for offered place

Mark any self funding places with (self funding) after the location, to save anxiety for other forum members as these do not run on the same timetable as the competition for funded places.

Use regular black text to show a course which you have applied to, but haven't heard from yet (as the deadline for notification of interviews isn't until mid March). Once you get any more news, simply re-post your updates (with new colours) on this thread.

Since the selection tests are a replacement for paper sift shortlisting, there is not a colour for being invited to sit one of these, since the equivalent status for a non-assessment-test-using course is "application is with the shortlisters". You can note that you've been invited to selection, or if you have been informed you are not invited to sit the test then feel free to post that course in RED, as it was an unsuccessful application to that course. After the selection test results are out, please update with interview reserve, interview, or no interview when you hear the outcome.

Good luck everyone!

Remember: Do not post off-topic conversation or questions in this thread. You can post once to show where you have applied, but after that please wait to post when you have an update to report.

And finally, a sensible note from spatch:
A plea to folks on this thread. It's really helpful to see people who get interviews, but probably moreso when people post that they haven't. The process is notorious for making really good, capable candidates feel devalued, and people are often left alone with that feeling. Often family members, friends and peers not privy to the process don't really understand the levels of competition and what is involved. Hearing you are not alone is incredibly important so people don't internalise rejection and are able to see equally capable people struggling on this pathway. I know it's often validating to post successes and to keep quiet and lick your wounds when things haven't worked out, but please do post reds and browns as much as any other colour for that reason.

I wrote this open letter to rejectees in 2014 (which is scarily now 6 years ago) viewt ... 8&start=15 and I still stand by what I wrote back then and hope it brings comfort to someone. At selection for interview the gap between success and failure is so thin, I am now in the situation of actually hiring qualifieds for permanent posts being fully aware I was involved in rejecting them for a particular training course when they applied for training. As time moves on, I am aware I feel less and less certain about things, and more about the importance of applying compassion to this difficult and opaque process.

See my blog at http://clinpsyeye.wordpress.com
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Re: 2020 Clinical Doctorate Application Progress Thread

Post by FelicityMorgan »

Second time around for me, I have a 2:2 in another subject at undergrad and a first in an MSc conversion-I'm sharing this because when I started thinking about CP as a profession I thought I wouldn't stand a chance yet last year I had two interviews and this year one so far. I want others that may feel insecure about grades to know that it's possible and you are just deserving as the next applicant.


Good luck everyone, I remember last year being so stressful and it can take a big toll on one's wellbeing. I hope you all manage to find balance and celebrate your strengths this year regardless of outcomes ❤️.
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Re: 2020 Clinical Doctorate Application Progress Thread

Post by blaman444 »

First time applying :P

Salomons (sat screening test)
Stafforsdshire (invited to sit screening)

Good luck everyone, and be kind to yourselves :)
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Re: 2020 Clinical Doctorate Application Progress Thread

Post by suuzee »

Second time applying. Last year I applied to IOPPN, Oxford, Surrey and UEL

Last year I only had RA experience and didn't get invited for any interviews. I'm hoping this time round with a bit more experience as an AP I might get lucky...

Salomons (sat test)
Surrey (sat test)
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Re: 2020 Clinical Doctorate Application Progress Thread

Post by Aanneett »

First time applying:

Manchester (sat test)
Exeter (sat rest)
King's College London
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Re: 2020 Clinical Doctorate Application Progress Thread

Post by Orenishii »

This is my first time applying to the doctorate :)

UEL (Sat test)
Manchester (Sat test)

I've promised myself a spa day after this process regardless of whether I get a place or not. Make sure to look after yourselves during and after this roller coaster. Good luck everyone :)
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Re: 2020 Clinical Doctorate Application Progress Thread

Post by Betterdaystocome »

I applied twice a few years back. I got interview at Plymouth first time - no offer obviously. I got reserve list for Plymouth, Exeter and Cardiff the second time, but no interview.

This year I have applied for:
Cardiff (done test)
Plymouth (done test)
Exeter (done test)

Pretty sure I flunked the deductive reasoning test as I didn't have time to finish all the questions. I hope it doesn't count for much!
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Re: 2020 Clinical Doctorate Application Progress Thread

Post by NoodleNew »

Hi All

First time applicant here. I'm fascinated and overwhelmed by this (incredibly long and complex) application process.... let's all hang on in there

Edinburgh (test + questions done)
Lancaster (tests done)
Trent (invited to written test day)
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Re: 2020 Clinical Doctorate Application Progress Thread

Post by SJ184 »

Second time applying but my first application was a trial run!

Coventry & Warwick
Leicester (sat test)
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Re: 2020 Clinical Doctorate Application Progress Thread

Post by Mephistofela »

Second time applying, no interviews last time.

Exeter (did tests)
Plymouth (did tests)
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Re: 2020 Clinical Doctorate Application Progress Thread

Post by veritylm »

Second time applying, got an interview last year at Royal Holloway, but wasn't offered a place.

Essex - got my rejection through on 17th
Salomons (sat test)
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Re: 2020 Clinical Doctorate Application Progress Thread

Post by apostalina »

Second time applying. Last year I applied to Edinburgh (test + questions done), Lancaster (done test), Cardiff (done test), and Bangor; no interviews.

This year:

Salomons (sat test)

Good luck everyone!
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Re: 2020 Clinical Doctorate Application Progress Thread

Post by Jeopick »

Hi folks! Second time applying for me. Last year felt pretty gruelling but so far I've gotten a more positive response.

Essex (interview & test)
Trent (invited to test day)
Edinburgh (completed test & additional questions)

Good luck everyone! I've gotten a lot of motivation from reading these posts in the past, so I'm sincerely wishing you all the best.
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Re: 2020 Clinical Doctorate Application Progress Thread

Post by Bell »

Second year applying. Had an interview at Bangor last year. Happy I get another go at it.

Manchester (test invite)
Lancaster (test invite)
Staffordshire (test invite)
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Re: 2020 Clinical Doctorate Application Progress Thread

Post by ktrammay »

1st time Applying 29 years old with 2.1 in Bsc psych. Worked in mental health overseas (Australia) for around 6 years with community and in hospitals. Currently studying my masters in development disorders in clinical practice at Uni of York.

Trent (invited to written test)
Manchester (invited to 1st stage test - finished)