Clinical Psychology Doctorate (UEL)

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Clinical Psychology Doctorate (UEL)

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I was wondering if anyone could support me with a question regarding the Clin Psy Doctorate. I received a 2:1 for my undergraduate degree - it states upper second class division on my certificate. A few weeks ago, I requested the percentage from my university as I want to apply to the University of East London, and I saw that they are one of the few universities that explicitly state a requirement of 60% and over (most universities only state 2:1 in their entry requirements). They sent me a letter stating I had got a 58.90%. :( I was experiencing a lot of mental health difficulties during this time and struggled with keeping afloat. However, this is not something I would want to say to universities because I am sure there are a lot of people who have had mental health difficulties and have come out with a distinction!

I was gutted when I received the percentage because UEL strongly aligns with my ethos.

I asked my university why it was written 2:1 on my certificate, and they said that my mark was in the border zone and I met the criteria for it to be raised to a 2:1. I received a high 2:1 for my Master's (however, they weren't able to give me the percentage because they used a 20-mark grading scale, but most of my grades were 65%- 70%).

With all that being said, I was wondering if there is anyone here who has applied for the doctorate at UEL and gotten on with a mark of less than 60%. Also, can my 2:1 certificate still be used for universities? (My friend is a trainee at Surrey, and she experienced the same issue but still got on with a mark of less than 60%.)
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Re: Clinical Psychology Doctorate (UEL)

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I think you need to ask UEL how they shortlist, not us, I'm afraid.

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