Masters clinical health psychology

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Masters clinical health psychology

Post by Ruth2417 » Mon Mar 11, 2019 12:09 am


I’m considering doing a masters in clinical health psychology in Scotland, but not sure how much this would aid my application to clinical doctorates.

I currently have a first class psychology undergrad, three years Nhs experience as a support worker mainly in older adult mental health and a research post looking at developing early years services ( child development, attachment and needs).

I have been applying for AP posts since October and have received 4 interviews, which were unsuccessful (band 4 &5 post). But my interview skills are lacking I know that !

Would a masters boost my chances of getting AP posts or should I just keep reapplying and focus on developing my interview skills

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Re: Masters clinical health psychology

Post by maven » Mon Mar 11, 2019 3:09 am

I don't think it would add much, but it might cost you a year and quite a lot of money!

If you are getting interviews then you need to address what you can do better in the interview, rather than going back to look at what might land you interviews. Looking at your other thread, you know the barrier is your anxiety, not your academic ability. So address that. And as I have said in the other thread, you might also want to reflect on why you so desperately want to avoid addressing that!

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Re: Masters clinical health psychology

Post by Ruth2417 » Mon Mar 11, 2019 3:25 pm

Thanks, that’s what I had thought.
I recognise what you are saying, and now realise that my message was not very clear 😂

I have just stopped CBT as it wasn’t helping, but it it’s not that I think it is ineffective as a model. The demand in my area for CBT is high so it would be a while until I couldn’t switch to someone else.

I currently have OT input to work on exposure type work for interviews and CBT and that seems to be working a lot better. It just gets a bit frustrating knowing that that holds me back.

So I am really not avoiding it, I just want it to work, and I know that will take time, but it is also just frustrating 😂

Is there any advice/specific ways to answer interview questions. I just need to expand more on reflection of practice and how it links to their service needs, but I was wondering if their was any formula or good ways of phrasing/ answering these questions?

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