Stage 2 Health Psychology- BPS

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Stage 2 Health Psychology- BPS

Post by SamH » Wed Apr 19, 2017 11:43 am

I have a couple of questions about Health Psychology Stage 2 Independent route, if anyone here has done this? I had been hoping to do mine via the university route but London Met are not running Stage 2 this year :( And City Uni are looking for a 2.1 (blasted 2.2 undergrad is going to haunt me forever! :oops: )

I've heard that people have done this through the BPS while also doing a Phd. I'm just wondering how that works? Do you have two separate supervisors- one for BPS and other for university? Also how are people doing this while meeting the competency for supervised practice?

Another random question is- how much (on average) is a supervision session? BPS require a minimum of 6 per year so I'm trying to calculate the cost of the whole lot!

And one last question- How long is it taking people to finish stage 2? I was told before that 3 years is more realistic.

thank you!

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