Newcastle Trainee PWP Funded/Self-Funded ADVICE

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Newcastle Trainee PWP Funded/Self-Funded ADVICE

Post by mnic » Tue Jul 03, 2018 3:15 pm

I have recently been offered a *self-funded* place on the Low Intensity Trainee PWP course at Newcastle (September 2018 entry).

I really want to do this course, but I am reluctant to accept this place until I have exhausted all funding options. The idea was to apply for funded places for this course (on NHS jobs) and only accept the self-funded place as a last option. But the funded places still haven't been advertised. And I don't want to leave my self-funded placement hanging any longer (there is no deadline per se but I can't dodge their emails forever).

I haven't even been shortlisted for a funded place from any other area, so maybe I should just count myself lucky and accept the self-funded place (it's the exact same course after all).

Does anyone have any experience with self-funded and funded places at Newcastle, or any advice about what I should do?

Thanks in advance :)

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