Can an AP apply for a HI CBT course?

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Can an AP apply for a HI CBT course?

Post by Butterfly1921 » Fri May 03, 2019 6:47 pm

Hi all,

I have a BA in psychology and have been working as an assistant psychologist for the last 4 years. Within my role, I have experience in individual work (under supervision of course!), group work, using diagnostic tools and assessments (SCID, MCMI, PHQ-9, Beck inventories etc). I’ve worked in acute inpatient, community well-being, and family therapy environments.

In terms of ACTUAL training and education, as I said I’m limited to a BA in psychology and various short training courses throughout the last 4 years: a 2 day CBT workshop, a 2 day DBT skills training, a few months of foundation level systemic/family therapy and the odd bits here and there (one day workshops on specific topics).

In my area there is going to be HI CBT course opening for applications and I understand I would need to complete a KSA portfolio due to not having a ‘core profession.’ However, I’ve also read in several forums that assistant psychologists generally don’t have the level of education or experience necessary to successfully complete a satisfactory KSA.

I’ve looked at the portfolio templates and it does seem like a LOT of work, so I suppose before I start on it I’m just wondering…am I completely overreaching? I know nobody can say for definite as it’s individual, but generally, would you think an AP is underqualified? Do most people have masters degrees before doing the KSA?


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