How to decide on a course?

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How to decide on a course?

Post by dk200300 » Fri Jun 26, 2020 3:11 pm

So I graduated with my 2.1 in Psychology quite a few years ago now. Did various voluntary and paid roles, but found it a minefield and went through a period of not getting anything. I ended up working in education, which I enjoyed and ended up qualifying as a teacher, moving between teacher and education related jobs. I basically put my family life first and decided to move in with my now husband, start earning and start my family. Fast forward a good few years, I am now on maternity leave with my first baby and just turned 30. I have clearly had a good life so far and am lucky my personal life has worked out (and who knows, maybe it wouldn't have if I continued living at home and volunteering?) But I have (deep down) been unhappy career wise for a long time :( I still can't shake it off!

I really wanted to use my maternity leave to have a fresh start and return to the psychology field. I am thinking about not returning to my previous job (particularly because of covid!) and do a course or qualification to help me on my way. My big question is: what? I would love a therapy qualification I could use to find work around family life.

It seems you can't get accepted by a course unless you are already working in the field e.g. cbt courses. I really want to work with children but there are so many different courses I just don't know which one is the best career wise!

Does anyone know where to start?

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Re: How to decide on a course?

Post by hawke » Fri Jun 26, 2020 3:36 pm

I did an intro to counselling course while working in education, which the school paid half of in return for me bringing skills back. I ended up diverting into adult mental health and clinical psychology, but that level 2 intro course would have enabled me to go on to the full counselling qualification. My friend did just that, and now works as a counsellor in a school part-time.

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