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Discuss local psychology graduate / assistant psychologist groups, training events, conferences, meetings and open days. Let people know what is coming up, and report back about events you have attended. Review materials and books here.
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Re: Assistant Groups

Post by tewvassistants » Wed Feb 28, 2018 8:14 am


There is an Assistant Psychologist Forum for the North East. We meet on a monthly basis and have some amazing guest speakers! We have been running for nearly 2 years now. If you would like to come to our forum please do not hesitate to get in touch! My email is

Pearson Clinical Assessment publishes a wide range of assessments to support psychology professionals including the Gold Standard Wechsler range. To view our range please visit:
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Re: Assistant Groups

Post by jamalda » Mon Jun 11, 2018 5:53 pm


My name is Javi and I am a third year clinical psychology trainee at Lancaster university. I am about to finish my training and I have just set up a peer support reflective practice group in Liverpool. The group was originally set up to target aspiring clinical psychologists and I hope that you will find it interesting. Our first session is Tuesday 19th June. If you are interested in joining, there are still some places available. You can find more detailed information below:

A Peer Reflective Practice Group: Our Emotional Responses to Clinical Work

Who is the group for?

This group is for anyone interested in reflecting on the challenges and demands of their clinical work. The group will be of particular interest for professionals aspiring to become clinical psychologists as the peer reflective practice experience may provide opportunities to enhance openness to learning and reflective capacities, which are core competencies assessed in some clinical psychology training selection processes.

What are the goals of this reflective group?

-To provide a space that enables us to think about the demands of our clinical work

-To enhance the understanding of organisational dynamics and the impact that they have on us and the clients we work with.

-Although the peer-reflective experience will allow us to think about the impact of our work, the clinical responsibility will remain in the department where members of the group are employed.

When does the group meet?
The group meets fortnightly on Tuesdays from 5.45 pm until 7.00 pm. The date for the first meeting has now been set-up for the 19th June 2018.

Where does the group meet?
The group meets in Liverpool, in the NHS Psychotherapy service premises of 12 Haigh Road, Waterloo L22 3XP

How long will the group run for?
The group will first run as a pilot experience of 4 sessions which have been set up in advance as follows:

Session 1: 19th June 2018

Session 2: 3th July 2018

Session 3: 17th July 2018

Session 4: 31st July 2018

After this it is intended that the group will continue running blocks, with the next 6 session block starting on 18th September 2018.

What are the rules of the group?
The ground rules will be set by the group the first meeting.

Is there a maximum of places?

Yes. Places are limited to 12 people maximum. They will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Is there a cost?

No. Attendance is free as this is a peer reflective group.

What I am not sure if the group is suitable for me?
Please contact me and we can discuss this.

How can I join/find out more?

If you are interested, please email me to You can also contact me on Twitter @javi_malda.

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Re: Assistant Groups

Post by MollyBatchelor1 » Tue Jul 31, 2018 7:14 pm


I am currently working as an Assistant Psychologist in South Wales. I am fairly new to the post. I wondered if anyone knows about the South Wales Pre-training group or any in Cardiff? I would love to attend and meet other AP's in the area.

Thanks! :D

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