UWE Counselling Psychology?

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UWE Counselling Psychology?

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Hi all,

I am aware that versions of this question have been asked a few times on this forum, but I’m hoping to get a few more answers. Having spent 6 years going through DClinPsy application heartache, I have finally decided to go with plan ‘B’ and apply for the Prof Doc in Counselling Psychology at UWE. However, being an anxious sort of person, I have a couple of niggling worries. Namely:

-I have a 1.5 year old and a husband, so I am unable to relocate for a course therefore UWE is my only option. Does anyone have any experience with UWE and Counselling Psychology? Is the course generally well regarded?

-I am concerned that I will always be in competition for jobs with Clinical Psychologists and that they will have preference. Are there any recent Counselling Psych graduates out there who can give me an idea of how challenging it has been to find a job post qualification?

I think if I had done this 3 years ago, I wouldn’t be nearly so worried. But now, the thought of getting myself (and my family) into debt for me to do this feels very daunting and even selfish/ self-indulgent. Particularly if I won’t be able to get a job at the end of it.

I’d really welcome any thoughts/ comments/ shared experiences.
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Re: UWE Counselling Psychology?

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Hello! I have just found this post of yours! Did you end up going to UWE to do the doctorate in Counselling Psychology? I am very interested to know what you think of the training?!
Thanks so much
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