Psychological Therapy in Primary Care MSC

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Psychological Therapy in Primary Care MSC

Post by labrador » Mon Jul 11, 2016 7:01 pm

Hi everyone,

I've been a long time lurker on this forum but this is the first time I can recall posting anything. I graduated in Psychology last June with First Class Honours and since then i've been working as a mental health support worker within a large organisation. I've been applying for AP jobs with no real successs (one interview) and i'm looking at my options for the near future.

I applied for this: ... mary-care/ course last year and despite having what I thought was a really strong application, I didn't even make the interview stage.

My main concern centres around this question on the NHS portion of the application form;

"What do you think are the most relevant psychological theories to the delivery of CBT interventions and what are the professional and ethical issues that we must consider in delivering these services?" (No more than 300 words).

Can anyone help? Applications for this year aren't open yet so i'm not even sure that this question will be included but having had people look over other portions of last years I think that this is where I went wrong. I'd be slightly embarrassed to post my answer here incase I got it completely wrong but i'd be more than happy to send it to someone via PM if they were able to help.

Over and above this i'm just really looking for general advice. Is there anything in particular I would be a fool to leave out? What should I emphasise most strongly? If there is anyone with experience of the admissions process who would be willing to give me some pointers i'd be eternally grateful.

Thank you in advance for any responses, applications open again shortly and i'm desperate for a place.


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Re: Psychological Therapy in Primary Care MSC

Post by jessicaaaa » Tue Jul 12, 2016 11:22 am

Hi Labrador!

Like you, I am a long time lurker/first-time poster and I am also considering applying for this course! :D
Unlike you, I am fresh out of my undergrad so I imagine I will be one of the less experienced folks applying for the course. So if I even get an interview this year, I will consider myself super happy (i.e. don't consider me as competition :P).

I have been speaking to a few people who are CAAPs/MHWs & other NHS professionals to find out more about the application process and the course. So a few things re your questions:

The course is becoming more and more in demand and so experience (one person I spoke to said paid experience is preferable) with those with complex/enduring mental health issues is becoming more desirable. Although others I have asked say an ability to reflect and apply experiences in the application is even more important.

Of course people were tight-lipped on any questions and how to answer them (and quite rightly so). One person did say that candidates gave mixed answers to the CBT question you mentioned (in terms of how good the markers thought they were).

But regards what they are exactly looking for, I have no clue! My strategy is going to be keeping it simple (since it's only 300 words :cry: ). Mentioning the main psych theories and some ethical/professional issues - with some examples if I have the word count!

Happy applying (on July 22nd)!

P.S well done on your first class and your amazing job!

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Re: Psychological Therapy in Primary Care MSC

Post by Sessycfc » Thu Jul 28, 2016 11:31 am

Hi Labrador (doggy person? excellent!) and jessicaaaa

I too am feeling that the CBT question is a bit of a struggle. I'm dithering about whether it is asking about the theories behind CBT, and then some professional issues, or more about the psychological theories as they are applied to actually delivering interventions, if you get me? it does say delivery which makes me go for the latter, but I feel like I could go totally down the wrong road, which is a scary thought obviously!

Best of luck all!
Sarah :)

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Psychological Therapy in Primary Care MSC

Post by Ltom » Fri Jul 29, 2016 10:14 pm

Hi there! I'm applying too and I'm pretty stumped and having the same doubts/thoughts as you Sarah. A friend who got on it last year said there is a big mix on the course - some with years worth of AP clinical experience, some with none and some straight off the Bachelors.

Good luck everyone.


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Re: Psychological Therapy in Primary Care MSC

Post by ros » Fri Aug 03, 2018 11:00 pm

Hi all, I can see this is an old stream, but is anyone still around who can shed some light on what they might be roughly looking for with that question? I'm applying this year and am also a bit confused!

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