Opinions please .... should I keep applying for interveiw experience

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Opinions please .... should I keep applying for interveiw experience

Post by Ruth2417 » Sat Nov 17, 2018 11:53 pm

So currently I am doing a great and fun post as a graduate researcher for an outdoor nursery.. I’m looking at how baby development can be supported outdoors and the practicalities around this. Initially this is a 6months post (probably extended) with the view to publish a paper. This is the first fully outdoor nursery for 0-2 year olds in Scotland research will be pretty well received hopefully. I also have the chance to go abroad to see how other nureseries work in Iceland and Lithuania- which is pretty awesome. That’s being said .. would this be classed as relevant research experience?

However ... I am inclined to keep applying to AP posts as that’s really what I’m looking for. I’ve had two interviews and one date since I graduated for my BSc in October both unsuccessful but positive steps.
I have no idea how how long I’ll be kept on in the role I’m in after April.
Do you think I should keep applying to assistant posts and going to interviews for experience.
At the moment I also work as relief in and nhs dementia ward and various wards in the mental health hospital where I stay.

I was thinking of applying to the doctorate next year as practice given that both my interviewers stated they got on without and AP post and just lots of other experience similar to mine.

What’s your thoughts?
Should I keep going to interviews or wait until next February when my post is nearly up!?
Naomi :D

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Re: Opinions please .... should I keep applying for interveiw experience

Post by miriam » Sun Nov 18, 2018 1:25 am

Many posts take a month from advert to interview and then longer to offer the job in writing. You then need to give a month's notice. So it is typical for jobs to start 2-3 months after you apply, but this can often be longer, especially in the NHS. So if you want to have a job that starts in April you should probably be applying from January.

However, you also need to weigh up what you are getting from this post and what you might get from others that are advertised. For example, it might be worth sticking around until the publications are submitted. But if you don't have a CP as a supervisor, you might see advantages in posts that do, and think it is worth applying for those kinds of jobs even whilst in your current job - particularly if you are geographically constrained, as jobs don't always come up in your preferred locality when you need them to!

But only apply to jobs or attend interviews if you want the job, never just for experience of the process.

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