Multiple sections, how should I break this up?

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Multiple sections, how should I break this up?

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Hi everyone,

A little confused on this. I'm applying for a Band 4 LD AP post, doing mostly screening and assessments as far as I can tell. Bit of group work and audits as well.

They've split the application into three separate sections. The standard supporting info, and these two sections in the further info.

"1. Using your own words, tell us what attracted you to apply for a role within our Trust / this Division/ within this team? What difference do you feel you can make?"

"2. Give me an example of a time when you have gone beyond your job role / remit?

What did you do?

Why did you do it?

What happened/what was the outcome?

How did you know you made a difference?

What do you think made this extra or above and beyond?

What was the outcome? How did it make you feel?"

How should I split up my experience? The second one makes sense I just need to expand on an example I give in my supporting info, but in the first one surely I would just be repeating my experience no?

Thanks in advance
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Re: Multiple sections, how should I break this up?

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It is forcing you to reflect on your experience, not just list it, and to say how it is relevant to that specific post. Both are essential skills in applying for posts in psychology, and I have written a lot about them. But please bear in mind that we don't allow people to solicit or provide information specific to a recruitment task or job application, as we don't want to undermine fair recruitment processes (or for shortlisters to perceive that you are trying to cheat).

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