AP interivew for Chronic Pain & Fatigue Management Service

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AP interivew for Chronic Pain & Fatigue Management Service

Post by music347 » Fri Mar 23, 2012 1:52 pm

Hi, I have been invited for a job interview for an AP post in the Chronic Pain and Fatigue Management Service. Any advice on questions that may be asked in the interview? There will be a test with Scenario based questions and a Maths test to complete on the day as part of th einterview assessment. I'm quite worried about the scenario based questions. Any advice on those scenario based questions at all? Anyone had this kind of interview before? Thank you!!!

Here are some details about the post:
An opportunity has arisen for a part-time Assistant Clinical Psychologist to join the Chronic Pain and Fatigue Management Service. This is a well established interdisciplinary service working with people with a wide range of chronic pain conditions and CFS/ME. You will support the work of clinical psychologists and other members of the team, providing interdisciplinary assessments and chronic pain and fatigue management group programmes.

You will be provided with regular supervision and support from experienced team members. Good communication and team working skills are essential, but you do not have to have had prior experience of chronic pain and fatigue management.

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Re: AP interivew for Chronic Pain & Fatigue Management Servi

Post by damnsaiyan » Fri Apr 06, 2012 1:06 pm

I hope this isn't too late for you. My suggestions would be to read up on the role of psychologists in Chronic Pain/CFS, and how the work they do is different from other areas of clinical psychology. Make sure you understand the differences between the medical approach and biopsychosocial approach to Chronic Pain/CFS.

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