Anxiety in interviews

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Re: Anxiety in interviews

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I suffer from anxiety myself and am currently working as an AP, so wanted to provide some advice of what I have found helpful in the past.

1. What I have found helpful myself is to try and go to the interview with the mindset that not passing the interview is ok. I know when you get the interview, you become focused on that job and it can feel like this is the be all and end all. But as you said yourself, you are good at applications and getting interviews. So remember, you have this interview now but it is ok if you are not successful for this interview, as you will have future interviews.

2. It's ok to be nervous during an interview. I have had 2 AP positions and when offered roles, I was still informed that I was nervous during the interview... I think it's important to remember that interviews are not just about what you know. It's also about letting the interviewers see your personality. It's important that they feel they will be able to get on well with you. So passing an interview does not totally hinge on the answers to the questions. Remember to maintain eye contact with the person who asked you the question and be polite/pleasant.

3. However, obviously you do have to give full and appropriate answers to the questions. I found that what I would do often in interviews, is answer questions well but then just stop myself from expanding further, due to anxiety building up. To me it feels like driving along smoothly and then suddenly slamming on the breaks. Try to have the mindset that---saying something slightly wrong within the answer but giving a full answer is better than answering the question but stopping too early, so that you do not give a full answer.. I hope that makes sense.

4. Also remember that when it's your turn to ask questions, you are still being interviewed.. So often during that time the interviwers will expand a bit on what exactly they are looking for from the candidate for that role. It is good to point out how you do meet that criteria if it is brought up.

5. Try and see "interviews" more like a meeting/conversation. Of course, it never feels like that due the often very structured nature of interviews, particularly NHS ones. But usually the interviewers are not trying to catch you out, they just want to see what you are like/if they can work with you.

6. Unfortunetly, there is often a big element of luck when passing an interview and a lot of things falling into place. However, as said, I have suffered with huge anxiety issues and thought I'd never be able to pass an AP interview. However, I have managed to do it, so you can to.

7. In terms of your last question, I think you should persevere.. I know you don't want to and I definetly understand how stressful the whole process is..But trust me building up exposure to the interview situation does help.. I have had so many interviews, I could literally do them in my sleep but with the added component of high anxiety, it brings down my performance. So unfortunetly, it might just be that it takes you slightly longer to get someting due to your anxiety, but it will happen eventually! Persistence is key.

I hope that is helpful. I'm sure you've heard a lot of this before but just wanted to try and help as I really do understand the difficulty you are facing. Best of luck! :D
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Re: Anxiety in interviews

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Apologies, never seen this.

Much appreciated. I know the answer isn’t giving up!

Will keep trying and eventually get there- glad you manage to get your posts 🙂
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