Sharing of Interview Questions

Discuss what to expect in job and course interviews, what topics might be covered, how to manage anxiety, and how to get the desired result!
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Ok,thanks for clarifiying this Miriam,

I understand what you are saying now.

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I posted this request on the Wiki, then found this thread.

As someone who has not worked in a clinical psychology setting I have no idea about what kind of questions I may be asked in an interview. This is all hypothetical as I don't have an interview or even applied yet. But I am determined to get on the course and am gathering information from now until September when I can apply.
I don't ask to know specific questions from specific centres, but only the type of questions we are likely to be asked. I don't expect interview questions to be exactly the same anyway.

But I only discovered this site yesterday so I am sure that in time I will find this very useful. Excellent site.
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Yeah, Loula has recommended this thread, which is the gigantic list of interview questions

See my blog at
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Re: Sharing of Interview Questions

Post by Rachie »

I agree that exact interview questions should not be posted but more advice around topics. I also agree that exact answers should not be given but general factors to consider. I do believe that this forum is useful for preparing for interviews i.e. useful resources, links and people's experiences but really it is our own preparation and ability to apply our experience and our thoughts to interview questions that allows employers to determine whether we are able to do the job required. I think that if I was just memorising possible answers then if I was offered the job I wouldn't feel confident in my ability, wheras if I was offered it based on my answers and ability to reflect on my experience and apply this then I would know I deserved to be there. I also think we can get distracted focusing on what we think we will be asked based on what other people were asked rather than thinking about it ourselves. For instance I will review the job description and person specification in a role and consider what questions I may be asked to demonstrate my ability to meet the requirements rather than assume that I will be asked the same questions as other people. I don't think people should stop giving advice on here though as some of the best reading and preparation I've found has been on here. :D
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Re: Sharing of Interview Questions

Post by Bluebell »

After reading through this thread I feel, on the one hand, rather intimidated by all the information about specific questions and tasks people have access to - particularly reading about those AP groups and mock interviews with CPs. I have not had access to any of this and I find myself thinking "I've no chance" and "I shouldn't even attend my next interview".

Then, on the other hand, I remember how I already have had one offer of a course place so far this year, and another reserve offer. This makes me wonder if any of/or all of that question sharing and practicing of interview tasks is necessary? It sounds rather extreme.

I do not agree with question sharing. I do feel it could give people an unfair advantage, but then I also wonder whether it really does? Like some of the previous posters have suggested, I wonder if interview panels may be aware of rote sounding responses and can identify pre-prepared answers? I don't know.

What I really want to say is that if anyone else has read/ heard about the help some have access to with regards to specific questions etc. and feel that they have no chance because they haven't had such access - please don't be disheartened or intimidated. I am an example that this kind of preparation may not, in fact, be necessary at all.

Good Luck everyone :alien:
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Re: Sharing of Interview Questions

Post by astra »

I think this forum has a balanced approach to interview advice. Whilst happy to discuss the typical topics and themes that will come up, we're not prepared to be specific about it. Anyone who has been interviewed at more than one course will tell you the interviews are very different at each one, so it would be very time consuming to rehearse for every single one, plus I know the course I'm involved with changes their questions every year although the interview format stays the same. I imagine all courses do this so that people cannot predict what will be asked precisely. Having interviewed 3 years running for a course, I would say it is fairly obvious if rote answers are being given because of the way we ask the questions, we demand a lot of reflection and self awareness and it is really obvious what is genuine and what isn't and as it's the reflection and self awareness that we value most, that's what scores points. I think sarahjessica's point is a bit misguided about successful graduates helping people further down the chain, many of us got where we are without the aid of the kind of internet resources that are around today. In many ways you're all lucky that people share as much as they do and that you have this resource available to give the help that it gives. The tone of sarahjessica's post suggests a sense of entitlement to help that is misplaced in such a competitive field and that kind of attitude isn't going to come across well at interviews.
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Re: Sharing of Interview Questions

Post by Shazzy »

Personally, I find questions/scenarios helpful, as they get me to think about/ reflect upon my experiences (within healthcare/life), and for me that's a great way to prepare for an interview. But I've mainly built this strategy, by going to different interviews answering questions, and I've found a lot of the time similar questions are asked in different ways. It's all part of a learning process, and the longer you work in the health service with service users, the more you learn and the easier it gets.

I can understand that the interviewing process is somewhat daunting...but I think we all know more or less what an interview will entail. E.g. Why you want the job, your qualities, a few scenarios etc. And there are topics available on this thread that discuss these aspects already.
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Re: Sharing of Interview Questions

Post by maven »

Bluebell wrote: Sat May 21, 2011 11:51 pm After reading through this thread I feel, on the one hand, rather intimidated by all the information about specific questions and tasks people have access to - particularly reading about those AP groups and mock interviews with CPs. I have not had access to any of this and I find myself thinking "I've no chance" and "I shouldn't even attend my next interview".
I know this is a VERY old thread, but given it is pinned I wanted to reply to say that the majority of applicants do not have these kinds of experiences of access to past questions and mock interviews (even if within certain bubbles a few individuals are convinced their experience is the norm). Even those who are successful, or those who work in very supportive teams with plenty of access to CPs don't usually get this level of support (and often the mock interviews are quite generic, or don't seem very similar to the actual interviews for jobs and training places). But we have run low cost events on the forum most years where delegates have the chance to practice some interview skills, so it isn't all about your personal network.

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Re: Sharing of Interview Questions

Post by Sheep21 »

Do you know if the low cost event will be running this year Maven? I definitely could do with the practice.
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