Graduate Psychologist recruitment question

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Graduate Psychologist recruitment question

Post by miriam »

I'm meeting with Keys Childcare at the moment, and talking about how they could use psychology graduates in their workforce and whether they might want to advertise on the forum. They regularly recruit residential care staff to work in their children's homes but had not thought to target a psychology graduate audience particularly. So I am just wanting some quick immediate answers about whether working in a children's home would be something you would consider, and what might make the role more appealing. For example, we are talking about having regular monitoring of behaviour and emotional wellbeing, along with monthly formulation meetings which would involve a CP (me). Would having a role in that make the job more appealing?

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Re: Graduate Psychologist recruitment question

Post by Gilly »

just quickly off the top of my head, I think that having the opportunity to do something "psychological" in a support worker position (where often you are getting great hands on work with patients but not nescessarily getting anything substantially psychological) would be a great idea, espescially in developing formulation skills.

Also giving support staff skills in psychological thinking is always awesome!
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Re: Graduate Psychologist recruitment question

Post by Necnill »

I would be happy to consider working in a children's home. I would want to make sure before accepting any position though that I'd either be given proper training in more sensitive areas, like how to handle issues as a result of sexual/physical abuse, before being thrown into the position. I've heard from a few colleagues that this can be an issue.

In short, being assured there is a good training/mentor system in place early on would make me very likely to apply.
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Re: Graduate Psychologist recruitment question

Post by Mudisco »

I love working with children so that will be great. I hope it is not too late. Can you give me more information?
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Re: Graduate Psychologist recruitment question

Post by maven »

There is a job advert on the forum now mudisco.

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