Starting a post at band 6 before VIVA and HCPC registration

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Starting a post at band 6 before VIVA and HCPC registration

Post by msmc » Tue Mar 19, 2019 7:21 pm

Hi everyone,

Just after a bit of advice/other peoples experience of this.. So I am due to complete my training in April and I was successful in gaining a qualified post at the end of November last year. At interview I explained that I will be finishing the course in April but that my VIVA would likely not be until May and therefore would need to wait until after this to apply for HCPC registration. I was told by the service manager at interview that this would not be a problem as they regularly have people begin at a band 6 and then move to a 7 once everything was complete. When I was called to be offered the post she said the same thing.

So then in early December a woman from HR contacting me about my pre employment checks asked me to provide my HCPC registration number... I explained I would not have this yet and nothing more was said until February when I got in touch to ask about my start date. She queried again why I did not have HCPC registration.. I explained what I had been told at interview and she said she would need to speak to the service manager.

Almost a month later after people have not been responding to my emails and calls, I managed to speak to some one in HR today who said that because it did not specify on the job advert that the post could be band 6 and then move to a 7, that I may now not be able to have the job! Of all the job adverts I have seen for band 7 CPs I have never seen this before.. and as far I am aware this is common practice .. I think about 90% of my cohort began their posts as band 6.

I am wondering if any one is aware of any guidance or anything that I can show HR which covers this. If I had known this back in December when it was first mentioned I obviously would have been applying for other jobs :cry: just getting a little worried now as I complete training on 18th April!

Thank you for reading

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Re: Starting a post at band 6 before VIVA and HCPC registration

Post by miriam » Wed Mar 20, 2019 12:29 pm

It isn't that common in my experience (certainly more like 10% than 90%), but it is quite a well-trodden path, and if it was offered verbally then that is part of the contract. Have you had a written job offer? If so, they can't retract that. I'd email the supervisor mentioning what was agreed verbally and querying how you can take this forward, as it is their role to liaise with HR to make it happen.

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Re: Starting a post at band 6 before VIVA and HCPC registration

Post by mungle » Thu Mar 21, 2019 9:55 pm

Can you speak with the recruiting manager/supervisor/interview who selected you for the role and who you would be working with - they can then speak to HR. Band 6 before qualification has definitely been done before and until you qualify. you sign off as a trainee still. Do make sure your contract states you'll go up to band 7 upon gaining HCPC registration.

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Re: Starting a post at band 6 before VIVA and HCPC registration

Post by WindWhisperer » Tue Apr 02, 2019 3:35 pm

We had three people in my cohort who started their qualified posts at Band 6 and then moved up to 7 - Me, becuase HCPC "lost" my application so it was delayed and I had to stay at a Band 6 for 3 months, the other two were people who unfortunately failed the Viva so needed to resubmit their theses before passing (despite having already left the course). I suppose the only difference maybe between them and your position is that they'd already completed all other aspects of training and it was 'just' the thesis resubmission that prevented them from being qualified. But I certainly don't think the situation you're talking about is unheard of?

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