Clin Psych looking for help

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Clin Psych looking for help

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I am a retired clinical psychologist, more-or-less at the opposite end of being a psychologist to where you are now. For several years I was the admissions tutor on the legendary, yet ill-fated, Bristol clinical psychology doctoral training programme, so I am not insensitive to the position of people who use this forum. But that notwithstanding, I am seeking your help.

My career has involved 10 years working in London’s NHS mental health services (1981-1991), including several years working with people with HIV and AIDS and the staff treating them at the very beginning of that epidemic, followed by the past 30 years working in cancer services and clinical health psychology in Bristol. I was fortunately able to maintain an academic role within the University of Bristol for much of this time, and that has given me some space to think more broadly about the mind, where it has come from within Nature, what it does and how it works. Perhaps like you, I went into psychology for the big-picture psychological and scientific questions, such as how our minds create experience and how ‘lived reality’ comes about.

As you might predict therefore, I have written a book! It is called Making Sense of Being Alive (MSOBA) - A Natural History of the Mind. It is a scientific, existential, and clinical distillation of what Western intellectual thought broadly understands by ‘the mind’ and where it sits within Nature. I have spent a big chunk of my retirement so far writing this book, and would now like to field-test it with people who are more like the age I was when I was considering clinical training. Perhaps I have written it for my younger self, but it occurred to me that MSOBA might be of interest (possibly useful) for people applying for clinical training.

So, if you would be prepared to read a nearly 350-page book within a 2 to 3-week period and provide me with a bit of written feedback, I would be enormously grateful. If you agree to help me, I will send you a copy of my book along with some questions that I would like to have your thoughts on.

I should probably add that I hope you will also find the book interesting and enjoyable to read and that it won’t be too arduous!

Here’s a link to the website if you would like to read more about the book before contacting me on the email address below. WWW.MSOBA.COM

Many thanks,


Dr James Brennan
Chartered Clinical Psychologist
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