Conduct on social media

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Conduct on social media

Post by lakeland »

Apropos of nothing, I'm wondering about how people are using social media as professionals.

I did have a Twitter account that started as person but turned a bit more professional, which I then deleted - Twitter was becoming a bit of a time sink, however it would be helpful to have a profile for networking purposes.

I'm not on Facebook but I do feel like I'm missing out on some of the closed groups for psychologists.

Interested in what others think and how people are using social media.
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Re: Conduct on social media

Post by Geishawife »

Obviously this is a very individual choice, but I don't use social media at all professionally. I do have a (rarely used) personal Facebook profile but, generally speaking, I am very wary of security and safety of information when it comes to social media and worry that even the closed groups are open to abuse and mis-use. It also worries me greatly that information posted on-line is very open to misinterpretation and, given that what is posted is there forever, the risk of things being misconstrued is enough to stop me wanting to put anything on social media. I don't feel I miss out on support and information by not being part of any virtual professional groups. Quite the opposite, in fact - it encourages me to make "real life" contacts with people and colleagues that, personally, I find far more rewarding.
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