Placements on DClin Psych

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Placements on DClin Psych

Post by MotherFunker »

Hello, I'm looking for some insight please?

I'm currently completing my MSc Psychology conversion (online) and had intended to pursue a DClin Psych or Counselling Psychology. I'm a psychotherapist in private practice and started the conversion to increase my breadth of knowledge for working with clients with an aim to move into working with a multidisciplinary team, increasing my salary and career progression.

However, I'm in my 40's with a family and mortgage and from the research I've done it seems that most universities stipulate that DClin Psych placements are within a certain radius of the uni. Is that true for all universities? (I'm based in Brighton)
Are there other mature students with families that have navigated the DClin Psych?

With the DClin being funded it would mean I can continue to support my family which why I'd considered it initially. But now thinking that it's unlikely I'd be a suitable candidate due to my commitments.

Thanks in advance for any guidance :D
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Re: Placements on DClin Psych

Post by Geishawife »

People certainly do complete the doctorate with families and your age, in and of itself, is not going to make you an unsuitable candidate. But, I'll be honest, it won't be as straightforward as it migh be for someone without your prior commitments. Placements are, generally speaking, within the catchment area of the employing trust, and it is this that tends to determine where they are rather than the university. There are occasions when trainees have had placements "out of area" if a trust lacks capacity for certain placements or a trainee pursues a particular specialist placement, but this is the exception rather than the rule. I'm afraid the reality is that trainees can find themselves travelling a fair distance for placements and, whilst most courses do their best to accomodate trainees' needs and desires, with limited placement availability in some geographical areas and specialims, it is not always possible to meet every trainee's wishes on every placement. So, you would need to look at the different catchment areas and figure out if there are placements within them that are feasible for you with your other commitments. There is also the teaching element to consider. You will have to go into the university for this so need to factor in how long it would take you to get there on non-placement days and, again, determine how feasible it is.

I'm aware that all sounds a bit off-putting! It's not meant to be. As I said at the very beginning, parents do make it through training with some flexibility being applied on both sides. but I do think you need to be prepared for it to be a bit of a slog! My best advice would be to approach the courses that are closest to you and talk to them about these issues. I wouldn't do that just yet as the courses will be crazy busy at the moment sorting the next cohort of trainees, but, in a few weeks, maybe fire off a few e-mails and ask the courses what is and isn't viable. Good luck.
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Re: Placements on DClin Psych

Post by Alex »

Courses can have very large catchment areas, so moderate to long commutes are not uncommon.

Often courses say to trainees, that they should expect one to two long commutes during their time on the programme.

Your nearest universities are Salomons and Surrey, which go from Brighton to South London.
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